Friday, October 14, 2011

Floating tables

It was meant to be. I was supposed to drive past this old house a few weeks ago. Not far from my house and next door to the old roller rink where I used to meet my middle school boyfriend... so ironic! I was driving by and saw stacks of furniture on the porch. I wanted to go take a look so I made the first legal u-turn . The scene seemed safe, no crazies with shotguns waiting for me to step on to their property. The porch was indeed full of junk(good junk).This please is heaven! (to me anyways)

I finally contacted the owner. I offered to relieve his burden of junk and scored the table! Once I got it home I knew it would take a lot of work. I was worried about the top of the table. The top layer was beginning to curl off. Took a closer peak and was surprised to find that it was just a veneer. Without too much effort I lifted up the rest of the veneer and it came right off!! WHAT!! Amazing! The wood just below was perfectly untouched!! Mother Nature did the hard work for me!

Well why in the world is the table upside down you crazy woman???

I'll tell you why.. because the table was rusted underneath and I could'nt get it back what other options do I have if the table wont come together??

Lets take it apart and make it two floating tables! The legs are perfect for this look. Not all dining tables can do this, but since the legs were evenly apart I'm gonna go for it!
Truthfully, I was kinda nervous about this. Would it come apart ok? Would the orginal screws and bolts be too rusted to be removed?  Would I need large power tools? Would I need a tenus shot this afternoon?? so many silly thoughts running through my brain.

I was worried for nothing! Took about 30 mins to dismantle all the hardwear and all my fingers remained unharmed! Took a 80 grit sandpaper to remove all the flaking finish.

Cleaned it up with TSP. You can find TSP at your local Lowes or hardwear store. Make sure you follow the directions on the container and delute as advised. Make sure you wear gloves to protect those pretty fingers.. cause chemical burns are not attractive!- UPDATE: BUY COMMERCIAL GRADE GLOVES, MINE MELTED THIS MORNING- LUCKLY MY HANDS WERE NOT IN THEM!

Just another look at before and after.

I was at my neigborhood Habitat Re-Store and saw this lovely Samas' wood stain. Hmmmmm... green, OK, yes please!

Ok, the view of the table is freaking me out.. being a floating table and all! 
But let's talk stain- ISN'T IT FAB!!!!!! I wanted to get good coverage but also wanted to leave a few
thin spots for texture.

 (these were the gloves that melted) RIP Lady Lavender Kitchen Gloves.
I can make a mess, good thing I remembered to grab my gloves! There have been many times I'm walking around with stained and glazed fingers. 

This glaze seems to be in every project lately. The Van Dyke Brown is so pretty. With all the diffrent colors I've used and then put the Van Dyke Brown.. they never look the same!

It did a great job at toning down the green.. If you look close it almost looks like hints of blue.. I just love it. Color, texture and depth.

Such a lovely and elegant color.

Emerald green.. I just love it!

Remember that this table has another half..  That will be the next post.. Until then

Off to do mommy stuff!

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