What is RLP?

Rustic Loves Poppy ???.. What does the word Rustic have to do with a Middle Aged Cuban Male ??? I know what your thinking.. "Coo Coo Cachoo". But no, I hope that Cuban reference was as funny reading it as it was in my head... dear god, I'm not trying to offend.. but, c'mon it's funny.

Alright I'll settle down.. (clear my throat).  I love the look of decor that is worn, weathered and rustic. I love when paint chips and gives a taste of color that once was. Love pops of color! I also love Classic looks that will still be in style years from now. Love big accents and anything with graphics on it. If you put all these styles and mix them together makes a statement for sure, and it stands out from the rest. When I begin a project I have an idea of what it may become.. but when your working with an old piece you never know what may happen, I just let it happen

Hang out with me while I search out hidden beauty in all things dingy and old.

Here are some of my inspiration photos that I found... I'll keep adding as I come across them,

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