Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aged Ornaments

These little gems were so much fun to make. I knew in my mind what I wanted... just had to make sure I had all supplies to make it happen. Glass balls, Check! Ribbon, Check! Adhesive, Check! Aged Paper... hmmm, no check (frown). So off to the thrift store I go! I was sure there would be a huge stack of old books with a flashing sign pointing to it~ Here Bri~ We are right here!!!! Well.... It seems to me ideas in my head are always cooler than reality. Cause no flashing sign was found... not really any cool old books were found. I did however find an old novel/murder mystery tucked in the back.. SOLD! Which reminds me to tell you if you decide to tackle this project yourself- Please pay attention to the words you are putting on the ornament! Please- For goodness sakes, you do not want the words, "She has been dead for three days" or "he killed his wife" on your lovely, danty ornament. They may think you are trying to secret messages.. totally not the case, but I will say I came very close to letting that happen. Next time I will make sure I pick up nice books, with nice words written inside.
Once I started my ornaments I soon realized that if I just "wrapped" them in paper.. it would look odd. Not that you can't try this method, I'm sure if you pleated the edges it would be really nice. Hence the word "I" the previous sentence; If "I" wrapped them they would look odd. I'm an not the best pleater, (is pleater a word?) Anyway, I choose to tear the pages into smaller "workable" pieces to cover the glass.

As you can you see this project isn't for the clean freaks. Don't worry, because I am NOT a clean freak! After seeing this brush, can you even begin to image what my hands looked like?! I was even using my fingers to spread the glue around to make the paper lay flat.. Again, can you even imagine what my hands looked like?!.. I would have taken a picture, but it was too gross to photograph.
I know a lot of people out there who are Twilight fans so when when I took this picture of my very special glitter I could only think of Edward and how he sparkled in the sunlight. I couldn't help myself~ And if you were wondering- No I did not go and see the movie, I can barely get out of my house long enough to get coffee. So no late night movie adventures for me. OH before I forget, no editing of this picture of glitter was done after I took it. The glitter is made of German Glass and it's FABULOUS!!!!!!!! It ages... it turns.. it makes me happy!

Here they are.. not quite done yet. I wanted to add some black ribbon to set off the look. I had some really cool vintage transfers I was going to try on a few too.

I decided to play around with the glitter a bit more. I added a few transfers to a select few. But the result is fantastic! I went by the shop today and set up a tree and loaded it up with these!! SO PRECIOUS!!! A think this is a perfect gift for a book lover, or anyone who love vintage glam.

The detailed ones are $8.00 a pc. and the plainer ones are $6.00

Look for the Hymanl versions coming soon!!!

Today is going to be a busy day. Between loading up furniture to go over to the shop and getting my house ready for family to arrive on Wednesday.. Oh and kids will be out by Tuesday... Please say a little pray for me that I can get it all done in time. OH Wait! The turkey!.. when does the turkey need to come out of the freezer?? Can't forget that! This 20 lb. bird needs some time to thaw.. oh boy.