Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Vendor Experience~ WOOT WOOT!

Sunday was very exciting for me. OK, it was exciting and kinda nerve wracking due to the fact I had never been a vendor before. I was given the opportunity to take part in a Sip N Shop at a local vineyard. I had been cranking out ornaments and wreaths for weeks and I wanted everything to be perfect. With not estimating my "loading" and travel time correctly I arrived a few minutes behind schedule to get my booth set up ready for shoppers. But yeah! I do better with a little fire under my butt!!
Here is my little booth- I used a tree branch idea from one of my recent articles to display my ornaments. The silver twigs are just so glamorous! And you wouldn't believe how easy they are to make! With a few funny looks from the hubs I headed off into the back yard with my branch cutter and got busy! I found tons of 3ft long branches to use so I carried back to the house and got to spraying. I used Rustoleum's Metallic Silver finish spray paint to create the high end finish. Hold on to the bottom of the branch and spray until all sides are covered. Total time for this project was 10 minutes tops! I have seen these in floral shops and craft stores for $10.00 each.... mine- $3.00 which was the cost of spray paint. Below you'll find the only downside of working with this spray paint.... metallic fingers.

The show was a success! Met some really wonderful women who were just as silly and creative as me.... and the wine tasting was a definite plus!!! Late I was walking around taking some shots of the lovely scenery and saw an old friend from high school! I was so jealous of his job! He gets to care for the horses and other animals on the farm/vineyard.... and he claims that he is the unofficial wine taster- SO JEALOUS!!!!!!
OH and before I forget the owner of the vineyard has chickens! I love chickens!! I'm almost ready to pack up the family and move out to the vineyard...I'm sure the owner won't mind.