Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another French Desk!

 I found another vanity/desk on Saturday. But unlike the first one I found, this one was pitiful! I found it in the basement of a store downtown.. it was stacked next to about 64 other desks. I climbed over 4 sofas to get to it. The shape was very similar to the first one, but this one was going to need a LOT of work. It was covered with "wood paneling" paper... so gross!

So after about 4 hours of scraping, chemical peeling and sanding I can see the wood. This process was really touch and go.. due to the fact that it was painted many times, sealed,stained.. oh and there was an inch of goo on the top from the lovely paneling paper.

This is supposed to be an example of the milk paint I used.. this stuff is so thick! In my last post I compared it to yogurt. This is about 1/4 of a cup of "Millstone" by General Finishes, that's really all you're gonna need. 

After one coat on I went over it in Van Dyke Brown glaze to pull out the corners and make an aged effect.

I have been dying to try a transfer on a piece for awhile! So when I saw this design pdf on http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/ I knew I had to try it! Please go check out this website/blog! She has over 2000 graphic to choose from- and for FREE!! I love free! For this project I got some graphite paper and used my printout on top. Taped into position and starting tracing.

This only took me about 20mins to trace it out. But filling it in took more like 30mins.. so plan for at least an hour or so. If you start to get irritated, get up and walk around for a bit.. you can scream, do squats, whatever floats your boat! But don't give up.. you'll get it.

This is the finished transfer. I filled it in with a paint marker, once it was dry I used a fine grit sandpaper to make it look old and worn. Last step is to glaze the top to match the bottom.

sigh....... That Graphics Fairy, she is something else!

I originally thought I would sand the entire thing, but after seeing the pretty green and pink I changed my mind. It's rustic, shabby chic and french!