Friday, October 28, 2011

American Merchantile in D.C

My last day in D.C. was action packed for sure. I had a few other places I wanted to stick my head in, so I rounded up my mates and hit the pavement.  I love being in the Nation's Capital; so much to see, to do and explore.We walked about a mile and down the "hill" from Columbia Heights to get to the shops.On the way we passed beautiful homes; elegantly landscaped and trimmed to perfection.  I couldn't help by try to capture as much as I could.

Here are a few pics from the stroll.

I saw this on our way to U Street, but on the way back I got to meet the gentleman who lived there. He told me the wonderful story of his door. Originally it was to be stripped and stained. As he tried to remove the 20 layers of paint from previous owners, he discovered a new beauty laying underneath. Long story short he kept it just as it was... it's perfect.

Stunning isn't it.

OK, the next picture is gonna be as random as they come- you ready?? OK, proceed.

I promise I haven't lost my mind.. I was shocked by the sight of a Black Squirrel. I've heard about them.. but never seen one with my own eyes. They were originally living in the zoo ages ago, but got loose. They can only found in a few locations over the United States, and D.C. is one of the few. Really, Bri? a Rare Black Squirrel? Yep! I thought I had seen them in the past, but after investigation; it was only a rat. Boooo! So I got excited when I saw "Leroy", (yes- I have already named him Leroy) I had to get a picture. Well lets just say Leroy was tame. Maybe a little too tame. If I had stayed any longer he would have been in my pockets looking for crumbs.
If you still think I'm complete Banana Sandwiches look here for more info.

OK let me get away from the wildlife now!

This store is called Goodwood.. as I walked by I mistaken it for GoodWill. I was very quickly corrected by my cousin. This place was exotic to say the least. It had vintage finds along side worldly treasures. Very Cool.

I feel for this quick... It's soooooo me! I have been on a streak of decorating my house in cream, designer white and black. I wanna put this in my kitchen so bad. I know it would be perfect on the counter... sigh..

I really should start carrying around a bib. I made a mess on myself while admiring these "paper roses". They are made from newspaper and old paper prints.
 Look for my Rustic Poppy version in the future!

This is an old leather sofa settee.. HOT HOT HOT!!! I had to be dragged away from it. Always said I would have a white sofa in "my" room one day. "My" room may only be an over sized closet, but I'll make it fit!

Even the Columns are amazing! I'm so glad I snapped as many shots as I did.. inspiration city!

Oh, and pretty cool vintage clothes, my girl Katie snagged a vintage Coach bag! Heavenly smelling candles, oils were elegantly merchandised along side the treasures. Please forgive me for ever mistaking this place for a GoodWill.  

If you would like to learn more about this store, you can check out their website-

Located at

1428 U Street NW
Wash DC 20009

My last post about my trip will be about
 The Civil Wars concert at Lincoln Theater. This duo is too wonderful to overlook!

 I promise I haven't given up one the painting. I've been scouting furniture all week- so excited to show you what I plan to do with it!

Until then, Off to do Mommy stuff!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage on U Street.

If you aren't aware, U Street is where it at! In D.C. that is. I was in awe of the amazing locally owned boutiques and shops. I was in Vintage Mecca Wonderland!

My first stop was at Foundry. OK, this place is like a little haven of rust, glam and retro funk all in one! I was really looking forward to getting inside and checking out the goods!

I had to hit the inhaler before going in... I felt some tightening in the chest from all the excitement.

This really spoke for its self. This is some FUN stuff! Vintage table with distressed wood... sigh..

OMG- Really???? This had to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! So Vintage, so Rock n' Roll! Can I put this on my Christmas List??  I promise I have been a good girl this year... any takers?

Burlap stool?...yes please! So hot!

So lovely, rust and all.

Old Printing Press letters, this would be so fab as a table top with glass on top.

The owner of the store Yvette was so nice to show me around. Answer my typical crazy lady questions, (I had quite a few). This is a close up shot of a dresser that she did. The distressing she did was amazing. Everything was just truly lovely.

Here is another example of the gorgeous layered tones she used....

I may have squealed a bit when I spotted this.. possibly frightened a few customers. Oh well.. that's how I vent my gratitude. I'm weird like that.

In every direction I turned I found more and more lovely finds...

If you happen to be in Washington D.C. you should make the time to go search out this hidden treasure of a store. Believe me, you will not leave disappointed!

Foundry can be located at 1522 U Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20009
Telephone # 1-517-227-5245

Oh, and don't forget to buy me that UK inspired dresser! Pretty Please!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Road Trip!

Its been months since I was able to leave my Poppy off springs at home and venture off by myself. So when the chance to get away came up- I took it! Originally this trip was for one reason, to run a freaking Zombie themed 5k race. I am not a fan of Zombies, you surprised? You shouldn't be. Totally not into the whole undead thing. I will get to the results of that disaster at a later time. But until then, lets talk about my AWESOME travel detour! I left my house Friday morning after the poppy seeds were off to school (made me feel less guilty about leaving). My final destination of the day was to be in Annapolis Md. But I had about 10 hours to kill before my sister cousin would be home.

I had my eye on Hagerstown Md. Where the coolest ladies are getting together and opening a "Warehouse"  to showcase their awesomeness! These ladies love anything vintage, old, shabby and farm house funk.. these girls speak my language!

 This breathtaking settee is by the lovely Repurposed & Refined. I can't even begin to tell you how sweet these two ladies are. I was able to meet and chat with Denise. She showed me around and made me feel so welcome. I really hope these photos do justice to how beautiful all the decor really was in person.

You really forgot you were in a empty warehouse. From the outside.. yep. That's a industrial warehouse, but as soon as you stepped inside.. BAM! You had been transported into a french farmish (yes, "ish" is needed) building filled with the most lovely furnishings you had ever seen. I was overwhelmed slightly at first. I didn't know where to begin.  At one point I could barely operate my camera.. "oh no, I'm gonna miss something". "Do I have enough time to touch and explore all the wonders hiding in here?" "Would I ever make it to Annapolis?"-  Just forward my mail, I'm staying.

It really was almost too much coolness in one place. My tiny little brain almost exploded.

These adorable nightstand/side tables were by CariLin Creations, another fab vendor who was showcased. At one point I screaming inside, I wanted so badly to take everything home! Reality struck and I realized I'm driving a Honda 2 door. Never gonna happen.

I think I stared at this cabinet for 10 minutes. The color was amazing. It was green, no wait it's cream. Denise told me that she painted it in a Annie Slaon chalk paint and then covered it in a dark wax. The details are impeccable. I can't get over how amazing this is... excuse me as I drool a little.

I was then blown away by this graphic done.. Maybe you have seen it before? hmmmm???
I did my version from The Graphic Fairy on a desk a few weeks ago. I love this so much.

Come On! How fab is this old futon and burlap cushions! Lets not overlook the level of coolness that comes with these burlap pillows. Again, my brain may explode.

It's really hard for me to describe what it is like to walk into a building and instantly feel electrified.. All of this made me sweat ( really it did). Truthfully, I may have been there for 3 hours. I left with 5 business cards in my pocket and a few new friends!

To find out more about the gals who create these amazing finds, check out the links below. Beware, this will become an addiction. Seek professional help asap!

Until then, I'm off to do Mommy stuff!