Friday, September 30, 2011

Barn House Mirror

Had such a wonderful trip junking this morning! Found quite a few items I can play with! I was a bit nervous about getting too much at one time. The weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend and I have already seen 50 yard sale signs around...  I can't go fill up the garage too soon! I wont have any room for the weekend stuff!  A junker is part crafty and part hoarder. My home is clean of my of my "stuff", but my garage and basement at times are out of control. A huge table and hutch sits in the back of the garage and has been taunting me for weeks..

So with that in mind.. what right do I have to go in and fall in love with a large barn house mirror! You can't walk away from something that is meant to be, after all I do believe in fate!

Out taking pictures with the crappy phone again.
1/2 off all furniture at the thrift store, convinced the sales lady that since it was made out of wood..then hence a piece of furniture 1/2 off too!
Got It!!!
Came straight home with it and started to clean it up! It was the prettiest blue, and I seem to be on a blue streak right now (get it? I made a joke!      lame..). I really didn't see this mirror anything other than blue. It's made really well and extremely heavy. I hoisted it up on a bench to get all the dirt and grime off. I used a multi-surface cleaner, but a soapy towel would work fine too.

I love how this mirror had been painted over a few times.. maybe it fell over a few times.. who knows, but it has a lot of character to it. I just want to touch up and seal what naturally became of it. I started by sanding the edges and detail. This will take off some paint and allow the colors to show through.

 I don't want to take too much off  so I started sanding lightly around the detail

Once I was happy with the sanding, I had to  clean off the dust storm you created. FYI- don't touch your butt with you hands! You will have dusty hand prints on your butt and wont know it. Then when you go to Foodlion and you will hear giggles behind you.. it's because you have dusty hand prints on your butt!  That should explain how my afternoon went!

Here it is all cleaned up ready to be finished up. To seal the wood I had decided to use a clear paste wax-  I used TreWax for this, it really easy to apply, c'mon it's clear you can't screw it up! The wax can be applied using a soft cloth or a brush. You want to apply it just like you would paint. Make sure you get your brush into the detailed areas real good so all is evenly sealed. This wax will dry overnight. You'll notice as soon as you touch it the next day, the texture is soft and silky and a lovely sheen has covered your surface. 


It's clear.. so.. you can't really see it.. but you touch it and it's really soft

 Isn't she pretty y'all....."sigh"..

Once outside the color just seemed to pop off the brown fence. The neighbors got a kick watching my carry it out into the backyard for a photo op.

On a side note.. I have been working on getting my pieces you see on this blog in local boutiques in the Lynchburg/Forest Va area. Since then have met some wonderful people who share the same passion as me and we are in the works to making it happen! So exciting!  I promise I will update with info!

Until then... off to do Mommy Stuff!