Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Juggling it all!

I haven't been doing too much painting this week. OK that's a lie- I haven't done ANY painting this week. Between the kids out of school for Election Day, working on the shop and keeping the dust bunnies and sticky crumbs under control (am I the only person who has sticky crumbs?) ... not much time for anything else.
But I must tell you that lots of awesome stuff is in the works.. The shop for example.
I kinda feel like a moron for not knowing the exact name of the shop. It hasn't opened yet- nor a official sign put up, so I'm safe! The shop which is located at 19204 Forest Rd in Forest Va is called Florist Etc.

Inside the top floor will be multiple vendors who will be showcasing their designs! Yep- And I am one of them!!! Rustic Poppy will even be featured on the sign that will be on the road ( at this point I almost peed myself in excitement!) Me? Advertised on a major highway!? (now picture a screaming giddy 13 yr old girl- that's what I look like right now!
Bella Magazine is a local women's magazine here in Central Virginia who has 10,000 readers across the area and about 4,000 followers on Facebook took me on as a Columnist every month! How freaking awesome is that! Amazed at the fact that I get to write about what I love and what I am most passionate about.... again.. remember the giddy adolescent? yeah.. still screaming!
For the past two weeks I have been spending my time getting the shop together and decorating for Christmas. We are hoping to have everything ready for an open house either at the end of this month or the beginning of December. But here are a few sneak peaks into Florist Etc.
This is the tree I worked on today.. I love me a pinky tree!

Something about the "overstuffed" trees I have always loved.
Peekaboo Cherub! These are actually to be hung on the wall, but I wasn't feeling it... so I just stuck it in the tree! A nice little surprise.
You really cant go wrong with decorating a Christmas tree, you like it- it's about the right size or scale for the space.. well... just ram it in! it will stay, I promise!
From the road there isn't too much yet.. But today sweet Carla came by and put in some Cobalt Blue Planter Pots by the entrance.. So if your from the Lynchburg/Forest area and your traveling 221, this is what you will see!
If you see them.. well, you need to turn in the parking lot, come inside and say HELLO!!
More info to follow!! Off to do Mommy Stuff!!!

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