Friday, November 4, 2011

The Civil Wars at Lincoln Theatre

OK- this post is not furniture related. But it's most definitely music related. I was introduced to The Civil Wars over the summer. Well.. the rest is history. Some of you Taylor Swift fans may already know of them, rumor has it that these two opened for Taylor on tour last year. These two music makers met at a song writers camp in Nashville. Pulled a set of straws and the rest is history! By the looks of these two they seem like a couple. But are not.. I know it's hard to believe.

This night was magical! I was in the company of some lovely ladies- Hi Katie!! Hi Colleen!!
A lovely day in the city, wonderful dinner at Red Rock.. and then to top it off.. The Civil Wars for dessert! Even if the concert sucked (it didn't) I was in awe of the the Theater- Have you been to Lincoln Theater?? OMG!!!! Breathtaking is all I can say!

Oh... I would have posted the 237 pictures I took during the show..... but I was starting to irritate Colleen.."Would you stop! Watch the show!" So here are a few of my favorites.

Joy Williams & John Paul White= Magic!

No backup band.. just them. You almost feel like it's a concert just for you. So intimate.

Joy's voice is haunting.. in a good way. John Paul looks like a mix of Jack White and Johnny Depp. But his voice isn't lacking at all...
I promise you will fall in love with their Appalachian sound.. no matter where your from.

To learn more about The Civil Wars, or take a listen go here

I wanted to share this with you, cause..I love ya, and you deserve to listen to good music!
Next post will be furniture related!

Until Then, Off to do Mommy stuff! Save the world and do laundry!