Monday, November 14, 2011

1940's Dresser

There is a story behind this dresser. I found it in a warehouse hiding under a stack of chairs. I had already made up my mind I wasn't coming out empty handed- So I dove right in! About an hour later I came out victorious! I also came out very sweaty and dirty. I want to share that I wasn't sure if I should even paint this dresser. On the back I found the orginal cardboard tag from the company who made it. I pondered on it for a while... then what the heck! I'm going to do it anyway- I'm sure someone will tell me if I made a huge mistake. This is what she looked like after I got home and gave her a bath.
Her lines are perfect, her bones are stong her details perfect.... ok, well I fib a bit. She had a gash in the front that stuck out like a missing front tooth. I seem to be saying that alot- My seven year old son is missing both of his front teeth- I just can't help myself! With some wood putty and some clever sanding she had a new set of teeth... OK, I'll stop. Jackson would not like that I'm still using this phrase. After two coats of paint you can't even tell. I decided to use my Annie Sloan's French Linen again. I have been playing with the wax variations and decided to only cover it in a clear wax and distress. I wanted to keep the look "light".
I have said this a few times today, but I really may cry a little when she goes to her new home. Not all of my creations hit so hard. She is special. I took her in, fixed her up and made her sparkle. I hope she remembers me.... OK, that's enough of the crazy talk.
Until next time, Off to do Mommy Stuff!!